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Sheltered housing

Hannah_Boote_House_710x300Sheltered housing gives support to enable elderly residents to continue to live independently; helping to improve quality of life and promoting good health. Normally sheltered housing is specifically for people aged 60 plus, however sometimes we may consider people under 60 who have an age related support need.

It’s about being a part of a small, secure community where support is available when you need it. The support offered is tailored to each resident’s particular needs as each person is assessed individually upon accepting a tenancy. We understand that people value their independence and aim to help them retain as much as possible.

Sheltered housing offers:

  • a safe, secure and warm place to live
  • support from sheltered housing staff 
  • continued independence 
  • your own tenancy – with legal rights 
  • your own front door 
  • an easy to manage home

To apply for sheltered housing you will need to register on Gloucestershire Homeseeker.

For more information about sheltered housing we offer see our supported housing webpages.