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Budgeting event helps tenants manage money

Banking & budgeting sessionA group of tenants walked away with top banking and budgeting advice following an interactive training event we held at Hester’s Way Community Resource Centre on Friday 25 October. Organised by Grant Bailey, our Benefit and Money Advisor, the event was supported by Barclays Bank. 9 invited tenants came along and got the chance to hear top advice including:

  • General banking advice and guidance
  • An interactive budgeting session where residents could use their own circumstances online and were presented with a chart that showed their income / expenditure results
  • Discussions regarding alternatives to Payday Loans
  • Credit Union
  • Loan Shark Awareness 

 All the tenants who come along said that they had benefited from attending the session. Feedback included:

“More people should have to do this as part of the benefits they are on”

“Very informative”

“Think everyone would benefit from these sessions”

“Maybe it would be helpful for people on low budgets to get this advice before they get into financial difficulties”.

Grant is aiming to hold more banking and budgeting sessions in the future with the continued support of Barclays Bank.

For more information see our Benefit and Money advice webpage or talk to one of our advisors on 01242 775283 or 01242 775193.


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