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Get your hips moving with this new Belly Dancing class…

Stay fit and healthy this year, with this new inclusive and interactive Belly Dancing class which is jam packed full of positive health and wellbeing benefits.

Make this exotic and poetic dance yours by participating as much or as little as you wish on the day. Belly Dancing is a dance that is individualistic and can be adapted to suit your needs at any time. Many participants have even continued to use some of the hand, arm and upper body movements at home.

So why not get your hips moving to the beat and immerse in yourself in some of these impressive benefits:

  • Handling textural and colourful costumes and fabrics
  • Smelling the drum skin or hibiscus flowers
  • Playing and handling musical instruments and props
  • Listening to ethnic and diverse musical instruments and rhythms
  • Watching the different styles of dance with beautiful and colourful props
  • Learning and experiencing various hand, arm and upper body movements that can be done at home afterwards to aid mobility, flexibility and proprioception
  • Sharing of personal experiences and information in the fun discussion session to engage memory and mental stimulation
  • Cultural exchange through dance demonstration, discussion and sharing experiences of historical and modern Egyptian and Indian culture

If you would like to dance in style then come along to the new Belly Dancing class, which staPhoto of belly-dancer in traditional orange costumerts next week:

Tuesday May 12th at Lynworth Court – 10:30 -11:30am

Wednesday May 13th at Gold foot House10:30 -11:30am

Thursday May 14th at Barlow Road – 2:00 – 3:00pm

For more information on the benefits of Belly Dancing then please click out the link below:

Belly Dancing Class Benefits

Cheltenham BH Paula Benefits Info For Summer 2015
Cheltenham BH Paula Benefits Info For Summer 2015
Cheltenham BH Paula Benefits info for summer 2015.pdf
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