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Let’s TAKE NOTICE to improve your mental wellbeing…

The Five Steps to Improving your Mental Wellbeing have been scientifically proven to make people feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from their life.

Reflecting on your experiences, appreciating the things that matter to you and embracing the moment are three of the main approaches to taking notice of your mental wellbeing.

TAKE NOTICE – the fourth step is all about broadening your awareness and savouring the moment, as being aware of your surroundings can help you to de-clutter and reprioritise your lifestyle.

By taking notice of the world, you can also build on your self-understanding and make positive choices that reflect your own values and motivations.

Why not:

  • Get a new plant for the work placemeditation1
  • Go for a walk and take the time to immerse yourself in your surroundings – listen for new sounds, see new sights etc
  • Have a massage and connect with your body to enhance your spirit
  • Learn yoga or meditation – try some relaxation therapies to strengthen your connection with your mind and body
  • Smile and give a warm greeting to people in the street – brighten the mood and interact with new people
  • Make a family meal and sit at the table taking the time to ask about their day and listen with interest
  • Visit a new place for lunch and take the time to savour every bite and take notice of the flavours

Stop, look, relax and reflex and conquer the busy, hectic drawbacks of modern life, improve your mental wellbeing by taking the time to pause and appreciate your surroundings and your place within them.


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