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June 2015 is all about Cheltenham Volunteers…

Cheltenham Partnership will be celebrating volunteering in June to acknowledge the time and energy that volunteers freely commit to our communities.

Cheltenham Volunteers Month is all about:

  • raising awareness of the benefits that volunteering brings to organisations across CheltenhamUntitled
  • promoting the benefits of volunteering
  • celebrating the contribution that volunteers make
  • raising awareness of volunteering and how you can get involved.

Volunteering can be defined as an unpaid contribution to serve others and ultimately build an inclusive environment for everyone. The contribution they make is of huge value and can make a huge difference to individuals, the community and society in general.

It is a fantastic way of gaining new skills, experience and can help to increase an individual’s confidence which is incredibly useful in all aspects of life. As well as meeting new people and making new friends, volunteering can also be beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Volunteers are crucial to organisations as they increase the capacity and productivity of the organisation. For this reason a number of organisations such as the University of Gloucestershire, GAVCA, Carers Gloucesterhsire and Hesters Way Neighbourhood project are organising events to celebrate their volunteers throughout June.

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering, then why not come along to the Civic Day event being organised by Cheltenham Civic Society and Partners on Saturday 20th June 10:30am – 4pm.

The event will be taking place at the junction of Cambray Place and the High Street, where a variety of charities will be showcased, with a huge range of activities and volunteering opportunities to find out about. There will also be entertainment.

For more information please check out the links below:

Volunteering Information

Volunteer Casestudy

GAVCA Volunteering Casestudy






Volunteers Month Information
Volunteers Month Information
Volunteers Month Information.pdf
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Volunteer Zuzana Neill Global Footsteps
Volunteer Zuzana Neill Global Footsteps
volunteer Zuzana Neill Global Footsteps.pdf
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Trustee Albert Gardiner GAVCA
Trustee Albert Gardiner GAVCA
trustee Albert Gardiner GAVCA.pdf
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