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VE Day Celebration is a real Blast from the Past

Dee Vick, Pauline Cudd and Pauline Beal brought back memories of the past for 28 tenants by commemorating Victory in Europe Day at Pope’s Close.


The day marked an astonishing 70 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe.

The scene was set with flags and a wealth of memorabilia including, ration books, identity books and an archive of Cheltenham Echo. There was even a doll set complete with a pushchair that was used during the war.

Dee and the two Pauline’s catered for around 15 people with a
quintessentiallyVE Day 5 British selection of Spam, Jam and cheese
sandwiches followed by lots of delicious cakes. Carrot Scones and Rock Cakes made from recipes back in the day were a big hit amongst the tenants.

The ladies turned up with lavish headscarves in memory of a time gone by while the gents knotted handkerchiefs and flat caps to commemorate a colourful era. Nostalgic tunes played on tapes were a huge hit and the tenants even joined in on a sing-along. It was an all around fantastic stroll down memory lane for all.


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