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We transform lives everyday… meet happy tenant Emma…

Emma, who thanks to a move to one of our new homes in St Paul’s, has turned her life around and can finally look forward to a happier future by feeling part of a community.

When we first met Emma she had spent the past 12 years living in a privately rented bedsit. Suffering from mobility issues caused by arthritis in her ankles. Emma also experienced depression and anxiety due to her living conditions.tenant picture

CBH helped Emma to bid for a home in the second phase of the extensive regeneration of the St Paul’s area; which has seen 56 new homes built, 32 for outright sale with the remaining 24 available for affordable rent.

As part of the bidding process our Senior Housing Officer, Kev Rudd and our Regeneration Officer, Louise Oliver met with Emma to discuss her housing history and assess her current housing and support needs.  This meeting was also an opportunity for CBH to promote the St Paul’s area and make prospective new tenants aware of the exciting regeneration of the area.

We arranged for Emma to take a look at the property, which also featured an adapted bathroom to suit Emma’s mobility needs. SONY DSC

According to Emma:

“It is such a change I feel really happy to be here, Cheltenham Borough Homes have been great; Kev, Lou, Alison and Kirsty are always on hand to help and it’s great to be in a building where I don’t have to worry about drugs or threats.

I no longer feel isolated as I am getting my social life back and this has made such a difference. It’s fabulous, I feel chilled, relaxed and  I am not on edge for the first time in years.”close up

With CBH’s help Emma is now continuing to thrive and make that fresh start, allowing her to expand her social networks and build her confidence by becoming actively involved in the local community. She is one of our regular visitors to the St Paul’s Community Hub and her story is a fantastic example of how we transform lives everyday in CBH.


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