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Check out our New Seated Pilates Sessions…

These rejuvenating sessions take place on the second Thursday of the month at Wallace House, 2-3pm and are aimed at residents who are interested in working their whole body and strengthening their abdominal muscles whilst remaining seated. Stretching-for-Seniors

This fantastic class is run by a professional STOTT PILATES instructor who learnt the craft in Australia and now owns her own studio.

Pilates is often a misunderstood exercise, as people tend to associate it with having to lie on the floor whilst working on their abdominals. This is not necessarily the case as Pilates is a functional form of exercise that works the whole body by challenging your balance which is why it can also be done seated.

At Wallace House an armchair Pilates class is offered to residents; encouraging gentle movements that will support everyday functions.  The instructor will introduce risk and arm movements, work  with legs and ankles, allowing the participants to remain in their seats while they connect to their abdominals.

For more information, please click on the link below:

Wallace House Introduction to Pilates

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