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Our Residents have been walking with hawks…

eric walk with hawks

Our residents were off to a flying start as they learnt how to handle and fly birds of prey.

Cheltenham’s Walks with Hawks teamed up with Activity Co-ordinators Paula Watson and Samantha Dee to provide an impressive introduction to the ancient art of falconry and the natural history of these majestic creatures. The day turned out to be a real hoot with residents, as they were able to experience the physical presence of these amazing predators.


Everyone clapped in approval as the birds took flight towards those donning the falconry glove. The instructors invited people to ask questions and take photographs of this unforgettable experience in which one of the residents added:

 ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again. It was a real treat to have an opportunity to interact with these creatures.’

People of all ages attended and the day ended with an informative session about the science behind the eating habits of birds and their exploits in the wild.

 This occasion is one of many successful events organised by Paula Watson and Samantha Dee to ensure that the people they support are connected to their community and wider society.

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