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TOP TEN TIPS towards Zapping that fatigue and boosting your energy levels

Step away from that quick fix energy shot, ditch the buckets of caffeine and take part in our 10 step challenge towards boosting your energy reserves. No chemicals included!

More often then not we are all prone to suffering from fatigue which tends to play havoc with our day to day activities. What often appears to be a fun day out at the movies, a few drinks with friends or even a BBQ with family can actually become unspeakably grim as you prepare for your 3pm slump.

But fear not, as by following these top ten tips towards  improving your overall lifestyle, you can expect to feel more energized, refreshed and ready to take on the world!chocolate

1. So, who said the chocolate bowl was bad for you?

Studies have shown although chocolate has caffeine, it also contains a miracle ingredient known as flavonoids which can be found in cocoa and have been proven to boost cognitive skills and improve mood too.

2. Wake up and smell the coffee… no I’m serious…

Contrary to popular belief coffee can actually help sleepy drivers to stay more alert at the wheel. Stick to one cup and you will breeze through the day but should you consume six back to back cups, then expect to arrive at crash mode.Cup_of_coffee_-_London

3. Don’t be a hermit…

Get outside breathe in some fresh air and allow yourself at least 20 minutes outdoors, you will definitely feel the difference.

4. Food for thought!

Our bodies need fuel to function, but what foods do we need to consume to feel more energized? Complex carbs (like whole grains) are ideal as they provide glucose which is definitely food for the brain.

5. Conquer that sweet tooth!

 Sugary energy drinks can cause us to crash sooner than we think as studies have suggested that high levels of sugar can cause us to slump within one hour of consumption. Even without caffeine, sugary beverages can play havoc with your energy reserves, so why not opt for sugar free versions.

6.  Take a break from your desk and stretch your legs.

Stretching is fantastic for both your mental and physical wellbeing, just a few desk stretches can help you to fight off stress, however studies do suggest that yoga is brilliant for combatting depression and anxiety.

7. Think fast, chew fast… ColdShower

Ever find yourself nodding off in a meeting, fighting to keep those heavy eyelids open? Fear no more, apparently a small piece of candy or a piece of gum can help increase alertness and improve your overall mood.

8. Chill out with a cold shower…

According to researchers a 3 minute long cold shower can actually help to counteract some of the effects of chronic fatigue. If you fancy a less drastic approach to cold water, why not splash cold water on your face in the bathroom.

9. Keep hydratedfruit-infused-water1-1024x512

As the saying goes, water is the elixir of life so understandably our bodies need water to function. Often it is hard to remember to drink water but even mild dehydration can cause fatigue so try and stick to a glass of two or better yet stay hydrated all day.

10 Take a deep breath…

…and breathe deeply as deep breathing can help to relieve stress when you are feeling run down. So sit down with your back up straight and inhale through the nose while you count to 4. Hold your breath while you count to 7 then exhale deeply though the mouth counting to 8, repeating the cycle as you go along.


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