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It’s all ‘About Memory’ next Wednesday…

Have you been suffering from memory loss? Are you worried about someone you know who might be suffering from memory lapses?

If so then we have a wonderful informal informative session, for anyone who may be starting to worry about their memory (or someone else’s) going downhill. This is a great opportunity to help people understand how memory works and how to help it work more efficiently.

There will be plenty of advice to inform people of what to do and where to go for further help and support should symptoms deteriorate.

Our Community Activity Co-ordinator Paula Watson is happy to organise transport for sheltered residents whose health and wellbeing would benefit from attending the session. They will need to book by Tuesday 22nd September next week so that Paula can organise first thing on Wednesday morning.

The ‘About Memory’ session at Wallace House will be taking place on:

Date:  Wednesday 23rd September

Time:  10:30am – 12:30pm.



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