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Do you have ‘A WAY WITH WORDS?’

qkbjt4hj-1355972700Cheltenham Festivals are calling out to those who live or are a part of Hester’s Way Community to tell their stories.

A WAY WITH WORDS project is all about ‘collecting, interpreting and performing the stories and oral histories of local people.’ The stories will be woven into a parade, involving local families, and a grand performance at the 2016 Cheltenham Literature Festival.

They are keen to meet people of all ages who live in Hester’s Way, or have a connection with the area, through groups that meet up regularly or get together on a less formal drop-in basis. Their story collectors will be out and about in Hester’s Way in the new year, eager to meet anyone who likes a chat.

It’s easy to get involved!

wordsIf your group would like to apply to be part of A WAY WITH WORDS, just fill out the online application form at:

If you have any questions please contact Cheltenham Festivals at
E: or on 01242 537267.

For more information just check out the invitation below:



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