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Come and check out our Oasis Ability Hub Kanga this Friday!


As part of Black History month 2015, the Barnwood Trust organised a Community Kanga competition.

Community groups with at least one disabled person, were invited to design a kanga that represented what “community means to them”.

The Kanga is a rectangle of pure cotton cloth with a border all around it, printed in bold designs and bright colours. Kangas originated on the coast of East Africa in the mid-19th century and are usually worn as a pair – called a “doti”.

All entries have been around the county as a travelling exhibition at various Black History Month events and will be displayed at St Matthews church in Clarence Street this Friday 30 October between 10:30am – 1pm, where the public will be invited to vote for their favourite.

Our kanga represents the “community” that has built up from attending the weekly drop in at the Oasis centre, aimed at supporting people of all abilities.


The group  are all disabled in some way and all had a “hand” in the making of it by drawing round their  hands and using the colours that represent their various conditions e.g. yellow = spina bifida. Orange at the centre represents tolerance and inclusion.

The symbols around the outside represent the regular activities they enjoy at the hub, including trips and learning. Mike is blind so we wrote Oasis Ability Hub in braille with buttons and then the word “community” in braille along the bottom.

Finally the jester’s hat represents the fun and laughter that we experience every week when we come together.

Background Information

The Disability Hub stared at the beginning of July 2015 and was named the Oasis Ability Hub by regular attendees. Whilst recognising their disabilities, they wanted to focus on their ABILITIES and wanted to make sure that the name didn’t suggest that able bodied people were not welcome. The hub is open from 1.30-4.00pm every Wednesday and will soon include an information room, IT facilities and a private interview room. The aim is for it to become a one stop shop for information, support and enrichment opportunities.


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