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CBH makes a Digital Discovery

Our first ever Digital Festival took place on the 23rd October at Gloucestershire College to help those lost in cyber trFestival buddiesanslation. Visitors were able to explore and surf the web with advice on the best value broadband packages to purchase and where to buy a low priced laptop, PC or tablet.

Festival buddies were present to:

  • Demonstrate what can be found online e.g. YouTube for old music, and TV catch up
  • Answer Twitter and Facebook queries
  • Set up new email accounts
  • Explore the internet – e.g. online shopping and hobbies
  • Upload photos and email them to others

CBH tenant Mike who became the proud owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet said:

“I went to the festival as the invitation looked interesting and I saw the information about getting online and where to cheaply buy a tablet. When I won the tablet I was really chuffed. I didn’t know what an email was but I have been visiting the CBH Digital Den at Hesters Way since the festival and I now have my own email address I would say to everyone that it is definitely worth investigating getting online and coming to the CBH Digital Den to learn more.”

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Informative demonstrations of equipment took place to help those who are living with sight or hearing loss to live independently and safely. Ellen cropped

Mrs D has hearing and sight loss and has a guide dog to support her in daily life. At the festival she signed up to the CBH ‘Discover Digital’ taster programme and attended the Learn My Way taster on 27th October, where she was introduced to the large key keyboard and the inbuilt screen magnifier. Mrs D welcomed support to create her first email address and wants to learn to shop online as she finds it difficult to shop in town. 

Visitors took the opportunity to sign up for further computer training offered in our CBH Digital Den, and by Age UK or Gloucestershire College.

When visitors were asked what they enjoyed most about the event, feedback included:

‘the festival buddies assistance’

‘learning twitter and iPad’

‘all the info was just what I needed’

‘I already feel a lot more confident about IT’

Our partners included:

  • Action for blind people
  • Action on hearing loss
  • Telecare
  • Lifelines (CBC)
  • Fire service
  • Social Telecoms
  • Tier 1 Online
  • Simplify Digital (Eco systems) – Get Online At Home team
  • Barclays Digital Eagles
  • CBH Benefit & Money advisors, tenant SSP and Direct Debit advice


  • Barclays Digital Eagles
  • CBH Benefit & Money advisors, tenant SSP and Direct Debit advice
  • Glos Libraries
  • Police
  • Learn My Way
  • Age UK
  • Glos Col

Partners said:

‘the event was very well organised’

‘really useful for partnership building and meeting other organisations with whom we may be able to work in the future’

Festival Buddies (CBH staff, volunteers from All Saints Academy, tenants, residents and leaseholders)

 For more information about the festival, getting online, Broadband or buying low cost computer equipment, please call us on 0800 408 0000 and ask for Community Involvement or email





















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