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Back of the net! St Paul’s Youth Team shines at football showdown

Football paulOn Tuesday 15 December our St Paul’s Youth Team showcased their sporting skills at a hotly contested football match we set up with the local PCSO’s (Police Community Support Officers).

For the past two months we have been holding weekly training sessions in St Paul’s for young people to improve their football skills and help them learn how to work together as part of a team.

On match night all that hard work came together when the players showed off their fancy footwork skills, treating spectators to a thrilling match which went right down to the wire.

The mixed match, 25 minutes each way, had plenty of thrills and spills and after an energetic 50 minutes of play the final score was 7 all (7-7) after the game went to nail biting penalties.

Commenting on the successful event, our Senior Housing Officer, Kev Rudd said: “It was a fantastic event and a pleasure to watch the lads working as a team, passing the ball, respecting each other and the game. We’re so proud of their attitude, the progress they have made has been fantastic and we feel privileged to have been a part of this. In the New Year we’re looking forward to continuing training the lads up for future matches.”

He added: “We want to thank everyone who was involved; particularly our local PCSO’s who were great sports and the referee Pete who was spot on”

The match was set-up as part of a joint community activity project we have been running with Leisure @.

Future matches are on the cards in the New Year when our community regeneration team hope to recruit some CBH volunteers and footballers from other local community based organisations.

The community activity project is designed to promote health and wellbeing in St Paul’s through sports events. We have also been working with the Cheltenham Leisure Trust to deliver a regular Zumba class which is proving to be very popular.


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