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Festive Mindsong session is music to our residents’ ears

On Monday 21 December CBH and Brandon Trust joined forces with their residents’ to take part in a festive approach to the successful and therapeutic Mindsong sessions.

The Wallace House Hub was full of musical talents as they tested their vocal chords to a variety of traditional Christmas songs alongside a professional choir.

There was much fun to be had as everyone had a chance to showcase their dance moves and Activity Co-ordinator Paula Watson provided an entertaining dance performance alongside Brandon Trust’s Samantha Dee. There was plenty of laughter and tears as the songs brought back many happy and emotional memories allowing people to communicate their thoughts.

It is an incredibly influential session that has already made a difference to the lives of many attendees and individuals who are looking to create new memories with loved ones. Even those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s have found the sessions to be an uplifting and calming experience.

Paula Watson and Samantha Dee never fail to disappoint the Wallace House group through their selection of life changing activities which bring people together and promote good health and well-being.



Mindsong began as a pilot project for Three Choirs Festival, Gloucester, as part of their outreach work. ‘From small acorns’, as the saying goes, and project has grown slowly and steadily into the organisation they are today

The sessions provide uplifting music therapy which is ideal for people with dementia or cognitive impairments, or other health problems.




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