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LATEST NEWS! Windows & doors replacement programme

CBH NEW DOOR WEBOver the next 6 years we will be carrying out a long term programme to replace the windows and entrance doors on over 5,000 homes across Cheltenham.

window-openWe are carrying out this programme as a high proportion of windows and doors are getting old and in need of replacement, and also some flat entrance doors need to be upgraded to meet current fire standards.

The new windows and doors will offer the best safety, security and energy efficiency for residents. Looking to the future we also want to create good quality homes that are easy to maintain.

A project working group made up of CBH staff and residents has looked at the specification for the new windows and doors, focusing on the design, energy efficiency, security and maintenance and it is also playing a part in selecting the contractors.

To replace or not to replace…It is expected that windows and entrance doors will be replaced if they were installed before 2002 and if they don’t meet safety, crime prevention or planning regulations.
Read the full replacement criteria here:
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Windows replacement criteria
Existing windows will be replaced where they:

  • were installed before 2002
  • no longer provide the level of protection against forced entry or meet standards required by insurance policies
  • do not meet the Building Regulation requirement for emergency escape provision
  • do not have safety glazing fitted in the locations stipulated by the Building Regulations
  • have deteriorated to the extent that they are starting to fail or will be costly to maintain during the next 5 years
  • contravene planning legislation
  • In addition windows are expected to be replaced:
    • to facilitate the removal, where present, of decorative concrete surrounds as these are considered to be a future maintenance liability.
    • to provide safety to children by restricting the initial window opening distance (where retro-fitting cannot achieve acceptable results)

Replacement of Doors criteria
Existing doors are expected to be renewed with PVC-u doors where they:

  • are not the main dwelling entrance door (front door) and where the entrance secondary door(s) are considered by the Contract Administrator as not needing to be replaced by a Glass Reinforced Plastic composite door, for example the door giving access to private balconies
  • do not meet current fire door standards and where they are required to perform the function of a fire door
  • do not provide the level of protection against forced entry by meeting standards normally required by insurance policies
  • have deteriorated to the extent that it is more economical to replace the door than repair it
  • have reached or are reaching the end of their design life 
  • contravene planning legislation

What happens next?
Our Resident Liaison Officer, Michelle Barnett will be in contact to advise you what will happen and when. If you would like more information about this please call 0800 408 0000 or email

Picture1Your home, your choice
Before we replace your external door we are asking you to select your preferred style and colour. We have 4 different styles and 4 different colours for you to choose from. To chose your preferences click on the following link:

Select your door style and colour
Keeping you informed…
The installation programme is due to start in April 2016 – we will be keeping you up-to-date with the progress of the work so please check back soon!


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