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UPDATE: Swindon Road development

Get the latest update from our girl in the know! Check out what Alison Salter, our Development Project Manager, has to tell us about the progress of the Swindon Road site…

“It’s not been easy getting to this stage but I’m pleased to report that in March CBC entered into contract with J Harper and Sons to deliver the 10 new properties on the site at the corner of Brunswick Street/Swindon Road.

IMG_1952To date we’ve had to contend with the following:

  • The walls surrounding the site were deemed a dangerous structure and had to be demolished
  • Following the initial site investigation there was a medium to high risk of Unexploded Ordinances (UXOs) being found on the site. Looking at the historic maps between 1936-1954 a row of terraced houses disappeared!
  • There has been a watching brief of excavations to monitor the presence of UXOs and I can now confirm that none have been found thankfully!
  • During the excavations Harpers found up to 4m of buried concrete on the site which was not anticipated – three machines later and they’re now at the stage of pouring foundations
  • The remaining material on site started to crumbled away – as you can see from the above photo very little original ground is left and they have had to import a huge amount of concrete to stabilise the ground.

Things are moving now though and the timber frame structures for the apartment block will be arriving in a few weeks’ time so things will really start to take shape!  

After a few technical glitches we’ve got the time lapse video working (at the top of this post) which takes a shot every hour which will continue throughout the duration of the build which I’ll upload every month so you can see progress for yourselves.

The properties are due for completion by February 2017…. CBC has approved the naming of the block of flats as ‘Jupiter House’!”


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