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Craft group goes green for the Queen’s 90th with coffee pods portrait

Our Craft Group at Wallace House Hub have wasted no time in marking the Queen’s landmark birthday this year.

The group, alongside lead artist Carol Gatter, joined forces to design a portrait of the Queen made entirely out of recycled coffee pods and cardboard.

After trailing the county for countless recycling centres, the group was hugely successful in obtaining and cleaning a staggering 2,500 used coffee pods in a variety of colours to make the portrait. They remained glued to sticking 1,634 pods onto nine colour and number co-ordinated grids to form a lifelike image of the Queen.

The project took an ambitious 5 weeks to complete in time for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations. During that time an enormous frame, made out of recycled cardboard and paper mache was designed to support the pods and was luxuriously coated brown and gold paint. The group committed two hours of their time each week, to create the frame and design the portrait and were thrilled to see this spectacular masterpiece spring to life.

Wallace House craft group attendee Pat Thompson said “I really enjoyed making this piece with the group as it brought back memories of being a child again. It reminded me of painting by numbers and we all had such a laugh and it was great fun too, I’ve never done anything like it before.”

Independent Living Services Manager, Ruth Lane, added:  “every week we run an extensive selection of activities at our Wallace House Hub to enable Cheltenham’s older residents to get together and have fun. Our craft group’s amazing portrait of the Queen is a prime example of the joy and sense of self-worth that these sessions bring to the community. It really is a fantastic achievement for the group and we look forward to seeing their future projects.”

Once the piece de résistance was finished, the group celebrated the occasion with their homemade tiaras and enjoyed an afternoon tea party fit for a Queen. If you would like to find out more about the regular activity programme at Wallace House then give us a call on 0800 408 0000 or email

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