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Green fingers get to work at Lynworth Court Hub

The communal gardens at Lynworth Court Hub are currently undergoing a radical makeover to improve the environment for residents.

Back in the beginning of July, we joined forces with a handy bunch of young lads from the Aston Project and a Natural Estates Officer from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to transform the area. These young budding gardeners are currently working towards an 8 session programme; which includes carrying out a selection of tasks that have been highlighted by the residents of Lynworth Court.

So far they have:

  • Engaged with people attending the Hub to get their opinions on possible developments and improvements to the site
  • Carried out grounds maintenance before planting lots of varieties of bulbs which will flower in the spring
  • Made bottle planters to take home
  • Cut back overgrowing hedges
  • Took part in the ‘Pimp my Bird Box’ session, creating a selection of  safe  places for birds to rest and roost in style

Those who have taken part and completed the project can expect to receive a certificate and a working reference for their help in improving the local green spaces for both the wildlife and the community.



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