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Creative Writing Workshop opens a new chapter for local residents!

On Thursday 9 February 2017, our Community Involvement Team organised an engaging Creative Writing Taster Session to help our residents bring their stories to life!

Held at Hester’s Way Resource Centre, this fantastic workshop introduced our future budding novelists to the art of storytelling.

The session was taught by the talented creative writer Jarek Adams who not only writes novels but a variety of plays and workshops to help others discover and reignite their passion for writing! This fantastic taster session explored the top tips for writing a successful novel in which a classic storytelling framework was put in place to explain the method that is often used for designing an effective narrative.

Everyone had an opportunity to test their creative talents by writing down and discussing a synopsis for a story that they would like to write. The workshop was a great success and we are already looking forward to reading their final finished and published pieces!


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