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Shark sighted! Cheltenham bites back!

We kicked off the New Year with a special campaign to raise awareness about the hidden dangers of getting involved with loan sharks!

All hands were certainly on deck as we enlisted the help of the Illegal Money Lending Team’s (IMLT) mascot, Sid the Shark, to support us in steering people away from illegal money lenders!

Thanks to the support received from the ILMT, we were able to spread the message far and wide through the display of posters and the distribution of postcards across Cheltenham.

Sid was a huge hit around town and spent the week delivering leaflets and raising awareness alongside our Benefits & Money Advice team.

The promotional work definitely paid off as we also received additional support from many local businesses and partnerships who were also snapped saying ‘NO’ to loan sharks. We even have photo evidence!

 Sid’s visit to the bus stops around town:Sid’s Supporting partners:

You can check out the pictures of the #cheltenhamsaysno campaign by visiting our social media pages below:

Twitter – @CheltBoroHomes

Facebook – @cheltborohomes

Sid had a whale of a time during his adventures around town and made a real splash thanks to the help and support from the following local businesses and volunteers; Oakwood Children’s Centre, P3 Cheltenham, CCP Charity, The Trussell Trust Food bank, Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC), Councillor Peter Jeffries, Councillor Suzanne Williams, JT’s Corner Café, GL Communities Gloucester, Hester’s Way Neighbourhood Project, Hester’s Way Neighbourhood Shop, Hester’s Way Partnership and Springbank Community Resource Centre.

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