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Structure of our Board and Committees

Tenant and Leaseholder Members Independent Members Council Appointed Members


  • Shane Brimfield (Vice Chair)
  • Trish Blain

(1 vacancy)

  • Jason Langley (Chair)
  • Alison Foster
  • Una Pearce-Lynch
  • David Clowes
  • John Rawson (co-opted member)

        (1 vacancy)

• Suzanne Williams
• Chris Mason

There is one committee which allows the Board to delegate specific tasks. All decisions taken at Committee level are presented at full Board meetings for information and in some cases for final approval. The Committee is:

Audit & Risk

  • to monitor and review policies and procedures relating to the Company’s system of internal control
  • to review and monitor the financial arrangements of the Company
  • to monitor and review the effectiveness of the Company’s internal audit function in the context of the Company’s overall risk management system
  • to oversee the relationship with the external auditor and consider external audit reports
  • to monitor and review policies and procedures relating to the Board’s system of governance
  • to review the consistency and integrity of accounting policies on a year to year basis


Audit & Risk Committee

Alison Foster (Chair)
Chris Mason (Vice Chair)
Bernard McBride
David Clowes
Derek Bond (co-opted member)

(1 vacancy)

Lead Officer:

  • Steve Slater

Committee membership June 2018