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Cheltenham West Vision

What is the project all about?

In partnership with Cheltenham Borough Council we have launched a project to research and map out how our neighbourhoods might look in the future.

As part of this project and with your help, we want to create a masterplan that reflects our residents’ vision and aspirations for the place that they call home.

Why are we embarking on this project?
We manage a large number of properties in the western part of Cheltenham, known as Cheltenham West.

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There are significant plans currently being mapped out to provide new business and investment opportunities in this area and we want to take the opportunity to link in with these proposed plans and take a wider view of the current and future housing needs for you and your community.

The Government has given us funding to carry out this research and we will use this to guide us when making decisions about any potential change.

Our commitment to you
The project will be an open conversation and Cheltenham West residents will get the chance to be involved every step along the way.

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We want to find out how we can build on the strengths of the communities in this area and hear what they see as the challenges.

The focus will be on how we could improve the area and make a positive difference now and in the future.

We want to be clear and tell you that at this stage we are gathering views and aspirations; we are not presenting what is going to happen, we are asking what residents would like to happen.

We will consider everything that residents tell us and see what we can achieve. Once we have listened to what they have had to say, we will look at the options and see what we can achieve within our financial constraints.

How can I have my say?
We want a plan that represents the views, hopes and aspirations of our residents and the wider community in Cheltenham West.

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We are working with independent consultants WSP and Nash Partnership, who specialise in community engagement. There will be lots of opportunities for you, local residents, and local organisations, to put forward your views and ideas to help shape Cheltenham West for generations to come.

We have split our sites into smaller areas to look at in turn (see map below), so that we can eventually come up with unique solutions for each site that reflect their individual characteristics and challenges.

People living within those areas will receive information in the post, inviting them to attend a drop-in event close to them and give us their input. They will also be invited to give us their ideas by Freepost, email or using this website, or to contact us directly if they would like somebody to visit their home.

What the next steps?
The engagement with the community is part of a long term strategy to identify potential options.

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This website will be updated as the project progresses, including details of what we present and what was said at the various community and stakeholder events that we will be hosting over the next nine months.

We hope to draft a masterplan for the west of Cheltenham and start discussions with Cheltenham Borough Council in July 2018.

Community consultation events
We’ve been out and about asking local people for their thoughts and ideas. See a copy of the latest display boards  from 13 March 2018 event:


Community ideas



How can I find out more?

By telephone
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By post
You can write to us at:

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