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Community Funding

If you have a project or would like to buy something to improve the area where you live, we would welcome your application for funding from our Environmental Improvement Programme or Community Sponsorship fund.

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Environmental Improvement Programme
Do you have a good idea for making the area where you live look better or more secure?

Every year CBH allocates £10,000 for customers to spend on environmental improvements.
Applications are welcome for any project which would improve the local environment. Past schemes have included security gates, fencing, lighting and landscaping.

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Benefits of being involved:

  • Enable you to identify local environmental issues
  • Make physical changes to the environment of your neighbourhood
  • Encourage support from your local community
  • Help to prioritise accepted bids

To submit a bid
To be eligible for funding all bids must;

  • Benefit the community, not an individual
  • have the support of tenants and leaseholders

You need to complete an application form. They are available from your area office, or from the Community Involvement Team .

The closing date for receiving bids is 31st May. After this date all submitted bids are visited and an estimated cost is worked out.

A panel made up of tenant representatives (elected by tenants & leaseholders at the CBH Neighbourhood Meetings) known as the EIP working Group, then look at all the bids from each area and prioritise them for completion.



Budget_tipsCommunity Sponsorship
Would you like £500 for your community?

Projects that we support:

  • Projects that have a positive impact within your local community
  • Projects that provide education or training or improve skills and creativity
  • Art, sports or activities that improve health, welfare or local environment
  • Materials for an art project, drama or similar event
  • Paying for training for a group’s committee or its members
  • Hiring or purchasing equipment
  • Promotes participation from particular groups or individuals within the community, for example: age, disabilities, minority groups.

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Who can apply:

  • Any individual, informal group or Tenant And Resident Association* (TARA). *At least one member must be a CBH tenant or leaseholder
  • Any tenant or leaseholder of Cheltenham Borough Homes
 For more information, or for an application form, please contact the Community Involvement Team on 0800 408 0000 option 4, or email