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How you can get involved

Our tenants and leaseholders help us to scrutinise and improve our services though their input into the following groups:

Surveys & Consultation Questionnaires
From time to time we invite you to give your views by filling in a survey or questionnaire. These can be completed at home, online, by email, at an event or in person at an area office.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups are formed when a particular topic comes up for consultation, discussion or to plan a specific project. A focus group normally meets once.

Shaping services Working Group
This Group is for residents who are interested in shaping our services in partnership with CBH. It is a great opportunity to influence the services we deliver to you and to get feedback on the effect that your involvement has had. Services include repairs, new build, housing improvements, neighbourhood works, safer estates, community engagement and customer services. For more information see the Shaping Services Working Group webpage.

Communications Working Group
This group assists CBH with proof reading, giving feedback on how user friendly the CBH literature is and helping with the design and content of certain publications, such as customer leaflets and the Annual Report. Individuals can contribute from home or in meetings and choose how much to contribute according to their skills and availability.

Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping enables tenants or leaseholders to act as a secret customer and undertake a series of agreed tasks to monitor a CBH service. They then report back on their experiences.  This enables CBH to monitor and improve services.

Tenant Scrutiny Improvement Panel (TSIP)
TSIP enables tenants to test and improve the way their housing service is run. The aim of TSIP is to ensure that tenants are at the heart of CBH and that by testing services, TSIP become influential in making changes and improvements. For more information see TSIP’s webpage.

Tenant Board Members
There are 10 CBH Board members, which include tenants and leaseholders. The board is the strategic lead for CBH and members must be able to exercise impartiality and confidentiality and be prepared to undergo training.

Young Parents & Families
This group is open to any tenant who is a parent or guardian of young children. It aims to help shape CBH services and activities for young families.

Equality & Diversity Forum
This forum is made up of Staff, Tenants, Leaseholders and Council representatives. It monitors the CBH E&D action plan and supports staff in delivering services which meet the Equality Act 2010.

Cheltenham Senior Community Voice
A constituted group of both CBH and non CBH residents, set up to inform and influence services for older people in Cheltenham and the south West. Open to any resident over 50 years old.