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Low cost home ownership

MovingDo you dream of owning your own home? Then government help is at hand. 

HomeBuy is a government initiative to help those with a household income of under £60,000.

The schemes are run by Help to Buy South who will be able to give you detailed information about the types of properties available, cost and affordability.

The schemes currently being offered are:

  • Help to Buy Shared Ownership
  • Help to Buy Equity Loan
  • Help to Buy Rental schemes – Intermediate rent / Rent to Buy

Visit the Help to Buy South website for more information or call 0800 456 11 88.


Local Authority Mortgage Scheme
Gloucestershire County Council has joined a national scheme that helps first time buyers purchase their first home.

The Local Authority Mortgage Scheme (LAMS) is available to first time buyers who can afford mortgage repayments and have a 5% deposit but do not have the larger deposit now required by many mortgage lenders.

The scheme allows Gloucestershire County Council to support first time buyers through the provision of a financial indemnity so that a 95% mortgage can be obtained on a similar interest rate to a 75% mortgage.

Gloucestershire County Council is working with Lloyds TSB. If you would like further information about the scheme please contact Lloyds TSB on: 07990 792 601 or have a look at the LAMS fact sheet.


Part buy, part rent
Find out more about part buy, part rent solutions at the Your Home website.