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Information for recruitment agencies

If you are an existing recruitment supplier to Cheltenham Borough Homes and are on our PSL, then you already know how we work. If you are a recruitment agency aspiring to work with us then please read the information below.

Our recruitment strategy is based around a direct hiring model. We will always aim to fill our vacancies directly first and would only look to use agencies for specialist vacancies and those hard to find candidates.  We do not use agencies for permanent recruitment and would only use temporary recruitment if we have a temporary gap in our workforce.

We have an autonomous approach to recruitment; empowering managers to have control over their recruitment from start to finish. This means that if you are on the PSL you need to have a direct relationship with the hiring managers. HR will not be able to discuss an advert or vacancy with you and will not be able to influence any decisions around who managers use.

We operate a preferred supplier list of carefully selected housing specific contingency recruitment agencies and we are currently very happy with the performance of those on our PSL and are not looking to review this at this current point in time.

Please note that all agencies who work with us are signed up to a specific contract that includes enhanced background checks, set agencies rates that are non-negotiable and their own terms and conditions reviewed by HR. If you would not be prepared to adhere to this then please refrain from contacting us, as this is a key element of our agency relationships.

If you are on the PSL then please direct all correspondance about the specific recruitment to the appropriate manager.  Please only contact HR regarding the PSL, budgets, contracts or legal requirements.