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Introduction to CBH

Who we are

We are Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH), a top performing Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for the management and maintenance of Cheltenham Borough Council’s (CBC) housing stock. We are a non-profit making limited company with a non-executive Board of Directors. CBH is also a Registered Provider as we have owned our own properties since 2011.

A ‘management agreement’ formalises the relationship between CBH and CBC, setting out the services to be delivered and defining the remit of each organisation. Our current management agreement has been extended to run for 30 years which will make it one of the longest in the sector, reflecting our healthy and successful working relationship with CBC.

CBH has been an independent company since 2003 and since that time we have demonstrated consistent improvement and have made a difference to the lives of thousands of people living in the homes we manage and the communities within which we operate. CBH has been awarded the highest possible rating by government inspectors and consistently delivers services which place us as one of the top landlords when compared across the sector.


What we do

We provide extensive, high quality services for 5,081 homes made up of 4,030 general needs, 491 sheltered and 458 leasehold properties plus 102 of our own stock. We put our customers at the heart of what we do and actively seek to engage them in shaping services, decision making, monitoring and scrutiny activities. We consistently deliver high quality services that generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

We are not just a landlord. Our remit has developed significantly since 2003 as the company has established itself and matured, consistently delivering major milestones and realising our potential to positively affect wider local aims. Our commitment to community involvement and development ensures we are a recognisable presence in our communities.

We now deliver more than high quality landlord services: we build homes; regenerate communities; provide services to help younger and older people; support people to find employment and provide guidance to people in financial difficulty. Since 2008 two further service areas have transferred from CBC to CBH: the housing options and the estate cleaning services, supporting the council’s commissioning agenda and demonstrating our excellent partnership approach.