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Get involved Leaseholders

Our vision is for leaseholders to be consulted and involved in decision making in all aspects of the housing service that affect them and for the level and pace of involvement to be decided by the leaseholders themselves. It is vital that leaseholders’ views and interests are fully represented at all levels of the participation structure.

Working closely with leaseholders we provide the following opportunities for consultation and involvement:

The Leaseholders’ Forum is held annually and followed up with a 6 monthly Leaseholder newsletter.

The Leaseholder Liaison Partnership Group meets regularly and consists of senior staff at CBH and representatives from the Leaseholder Forum. Together they work on strategic issues facing leaseholders that can improve service delivery.

We have a Community Engagement Strategy which sets out the strategic direction for community involvement and development. We also have a tenant and leaseholder agreement (compact) which details how we will provide opportunities for consultation and involvement and how we will monitor progress.

We provide financial and practical support to cross tenure residents associations.

We provide free relevant training for tenants and leaseholders to increase their skills and confidence in a variety of different subject areas. We have also run a specialised training programme to enable leaseholders to understand their lease more clearly.

If you would like more information please contact the Community Involvement Team on freephone 0800 408 0000.