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As your landlord, the Council insures against loss or damage to the structure of the property on your behalf. If the unforeseen happens, the property can be rebuilt or repaired. This policy includes events such as fire, riot, storm or flood damage. You pay your proportion of the premium through your annual service charge bill.

Making a Claim
If your property is damaged by any of the insured perils, please telephone the Leasehold Officer who will provide you with a claim form. If the claim relates to vandalism, please, if possible, get a police incident number to include on your claim form. However, if you were only made aware that a repair was caused by vandalism when you received your annual service charge bill, you will still be able to make a claim for your portion of the charge.

Home contents insurance
We strongly recommend that you take out home contents insurance as we cannot help you if your personal items are damaged.

We can make it easy for you to insure your belongings under a special household contents insurance scheme. The insurance is arranged with Aviva, and is available to tenants and leaseholders of CBH

The cost of insurance is payable weekly and premiums can be paid at one of the Council cash halls when you pay your rent.

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