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Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements

This page provides information about the repairs and maintenance that the Council is responsible for as your landlord and those that you are responsible for as a leaseholder.

Your lease agreement gives full details about repairs and maintenance. If you are not sure who is responsbile for a certain repair then contact the Repairs section on 0800 408 0000 and we will be able to advise you. If you are in any doubt, do not start any work on the repair before you talk to us.


Which items are your responsibility?
You must keep the inside if your home in good condition and keep any garden to the property neat and tidy. You are responsible for any repairs including:

  • Windows, including the glazing (but not the frame).
  • Ceilings (but not the joists or beams).
  • Internal doors.
  • Plaster and other surfaces to floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Your front door (except the door frame).
  • Water tank (if this applies to your property only).
  • All plumbing and electrics (if it applies to your property only).
  • All fixtures and fittings including bathroom fittings (except those which are part of a shared system eg door entry phone).
  • Boiler and heating systems (if it applies to your property only).
  • Internal decorations.

Which items are the Council’s responsibility?
The Council will repair and maintain the structure and outside of the building and the shared parts of the building. This includes:

  • Some inside walls and all outside walls.
  • Joists, beams and lintels.
  • Doors in communal areas and all door frames.
  • Window frames.
  • Roof, including coverings and supports.
  • Gutters and outside pipes.
  • Outside and main drains – which serve more than one flat.
  • Lifts (including lift servicing).
  • Shared fixtures and fittings eg door entry phones and shared TV aerials.
  • Estate roads and paths.
  • Shared gardens and car parks.

Remember… even though the Council is responsible for certain repairs, you will still be charged a proportion of the cost of the work in accordance with the terms of your lease (see service charges).