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Maintenance – What to Expect

You will receive a letter at least 7 days prior to the start of your work. If the proposed date for the start of the work is inconvenient, please advise the contractor or CBH immediately.

During works carried out in your home the contractor will:

  • Respect your home by providing a carpet protection plastic film, protection on worktops and to your belongings, in the areas they are working.
  • Reconnect your essential facilities at night.
  • Carry identification that contains the CBH logo, the contractor’s details, a photo of the representative and the CBH telephone number for enquiries. This is to protect you from bogus callers.
  • Contact you regularly during the works.
  • Comply with the agreed dress code and be adequately dressed.

During the work the contractor should not:

  • Smoke in your home.
  • Use your toilet (unless otherwise agreed).
  • Have lunch or tea breaks in your home.
  • Wedge communal doors wide open.
  • Leave communal areas dirty or untidy after working hours.
  • Play loud music in your home, or in communal areas.
  • Leave you without a toilet, bath or kitchen sink for more than 8 hours.

During the work you must:

  • Ensure access to your home is available at all times to enable the smooth running of work both in your home, and in others homes. If you deny access to the contractors you may find that you will have to wait until trades are available at a later date.
  • Clear items for access to work areas, remove floor coverings.
  • We ask that you respect the operative’s health in relation to smoking in any rooms where the work is being carried out.

After the work has been completed:

  • For certain works such as kitchen and bathroom replacements the contractor will provide you with a handover pack which provides advice on how to care for, and use your new improvements.
  • Your home may be inspected by a surveyor from CBH. Where possible you should be available at this inspection. It is your opportunity to discuss any final issues before the contractor finally leaves your home.
  • You should complete your satisfaction form. The forms enables CBH to monitor the standard and quality of service we provide and make improvements where necessary
  • For major works carried out at your home there is a 12 month warranty period. If you encounter any defects during this time, please contact the Technical Investment Team on 0800 408 0000 Option 1, then Option 2 for assistance.

If you encounter difficulties during the works or wish to make a formal complaint you should:

  • If you do not receive satisfactory service from the contractor you should contact the  Technical Investment Team on freephone 0800 408 0000 Option 1 followed by Option 2, who will respond to your enquiry promptly. Alternatively you may contact the team at your local neighbourhood office
  • Contact your CBH by phone, by email, in writing or by visiting your local neighbourhood office so this can be recorded and dealt with in line with our complaints procedure.