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Maintenance works – Preparing your Home

We do all we can to keep mess, noise and general inconvenience to a minimum, but some disturbance and dust cannot be avoided.

As soon as you have received formal notice of the start date you can start to prepare. Put away anything fragile that is not in use and remove all articles from the walls, such as clocks, plaques, pictures, mirrors, and etc. whilst work is in progress. You may also need to do this when we are working next door, in case of vibration through the wall.

Electrical equipment and ornaments will also need to be well protected to avoid the small dust particles causing any damage.

We always supply dustsheets when work is being carried out in your home, if the contractor does not put dustsheets down please contact your Tenant Liaison Officer or the CBH surveyor responsbile for the contract. The will make a note of your comments and help wih the problem.

If you think something is wrong
If you are concerned about anything and think the work is not being carried out as it should be, please contact your Tenant Liaison Officer, and report any incident promptly. Your Tenant Liaison Officer will make a note of your comments and help with the problem.

If any of your possessions get damaged – keep them – do not throw them away or leave them outside, either show your Tenant Liaison Officer or the CBH surveyor  immediately everything you are complaining about. Always confirm in writing within 7 days.

Carpet Removal
You will be responsible for the taking up and re-fixing of your own floor coverings where this is necessary to carry out works, i.e. the carpets, linoleum and laminates etc. We will confirm 7 days prior to starting, which areas require the floor covering to be removed.

Whilst work is in progress, please put all valuables in a safe place, as things are likely to be moved to enable work to be carried out. If anything goes missing, firstly check carefully that you have not mislaid it. If you still cannot find it, please discuss the matter with your Tenant Liaison Officer or CBH surveyor. If items have definitely been stolen, the Police should be informed, as theft is a criminal matter.

Regular Checks
At the end of each working day, our workmen will check everything is okay, however, we would be grateful if you could also check the following before the workmen leave your home:

  • You have hot and cold water supply
  • Your gas supply is on
  • Your electricity supply is on
  • Fridges and Freezers are plugged in
  • Your television is working
  • Cookers are reconnected and working
  • Windows and Doors are shut and locked
  • Heating is provided

If any of these have not been reconnected and/or working, please tell our workmen or contact your Tenant Liaison Officer or CBH surveyor.

Health and Safety Concerns
If you have any concerns about Health and Safety, contact your Tenant Liaison Officer or CBH surveyor immediately.

  • Please keep children (including babies in prams), and pets well away from work areas, tools and machinery.
  • Also, please keep them away from scaffolding, particularly outside working hours.
  • Do not park cars beneath overhead works.
  • If workmen are working upstairs, please do not leave children sleeping or playing in the upstairs rooms.
  • Watch out for things you could trip over, such as extension leads or lifted floorboards.
  • Our workmen will make sure that materials are cleared away at the end of each working day.
  • For certain work materials will need to be left at your home. If materials are left behind please make sure your children do not touch them, as they could be dangerous.
  • Always keep your eyes open for the unexpected

Please make sure there is a clear exit available for you, your family and our workmen in the event of a fire. If there is a fire please follow the instructions given to you by our workmen, and your Tenant Liaison Officer. Do not try to put out the fire by yourself. Never remove or tamper with any fire extinguishers left in your home.

Pets can be upset by building operations. They can also be injured or cause accidents. Please keep them out of harm’s way whilst work is in progress and ensure that they cannot be let out accidentally.