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Our Executive Team & Leadership Team

Our Executive Team

The Executive Team (ET) is our most senior level and is made up of our Chief Executive and two Executive Directors (Finance and Resources) and (Property & Communities) who have responsibility for leading the various functions within the company.

You can read about our Executive Team (ET) members below:


Paul Stephenson
Chief Executive Officer
Paul is responsible the effective leadership and overall
performance of the organisation; medium and long term
planning and Company Governance.







Steve Slater
Executive Director
(Finance and Resources)

Steve is responsible for the management
of the finance and resources functions of
the company, which includes:

  • Accountancy and Financial Control
  • Rent accounting
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Business Support
  • CBH IT


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Peter Hatch
Executive Director
(Property and Communities)

Peter is responsible for the  functions 
directly delivering services to customers and
the maintenance of homes.
These include:

  • Community Services
  • Customer Services
  • Housing Services
  • Building Services
  • Technical & Investment 

















Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team (LT) consists of 6 Heads of Service who work in conjunction with ET to help move the company forward operationally.

You can read about our Leadership Team (LT) members below:


Liz Garner
Head of HR

Liz is responsible for the Human Resources team who provide advice to managers and staff on all aspects of employment within CBH.

stafford-cruse-110x120 Stafford Cruse
Head of Finance & Reporting

Stafford is responsible for Finance and Reporting Services which supports the provision of corporate services.

vicky-day-110x120 Vicky Day
Head of Technical & Investment

Vicky is responsible for the Technical and Investment team who ensure the sustainability of CBC’s housing stock. 

emma-wall-6b922943289fe03dd5245bb4dcd343b3-110x120 Emma Wall
Head of Building Services

Emma is responsible for Building Services who manage and provide maintenance to the homes managed by CBH.

matt-ward-470a2a26c91c42ab7ad38da50b033af6-110x120 Matt Ward
Head of Housing Services

Matt is responsible for Housing Services who oversee the delivery of high quality housing support.

Caroline-Walker Caroline Walker
Head of Community Services

Caroline is responsible for the Community Services department which supports all customers regardless of any protected characteristic.