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Performance Information

Effective, accurate and timely performance management runs throughout CBH. It links our company vision and objectives to individual staff members and aligns work so that we can co-ordinate our efforts; it also allows us to manage the services we deliver responsively, helping to ensure they are of a consistently high quality.  We compare how we are doing to other landlords by benchmarking performance, costs and customer satisfaction on a regular basis.graph

Our Business Plan informs our activities and is considered along with local issues, national policy and regulatory changes, plus responses to emerging risk in setting annual plans of action, strategic
documents and performance targets. In turn, these are cascaded through our company and delivered by our employees. Activities are aligned to our business objectives to ensure we meet them and progress is monitored regularly to ensure successful delivery of outcomes.

Our Business Plan contains key indicators of performance to ensure that we are delivering our core services effectively. These are regularly monitored by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Management Team (MT) and Board: Board and SLT take a strategic view and MT take operational responsibilty.

Please click on the following link to view current performance of these indicators, with sector performance comparisons included where they are available: