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Promoting ‘Greener Living’ Case Study

Under Cheltenham Borough Homes’ (CBH) Brighter Futures, Greener Homes programme, CBH has installed eight air source heat pump (ASHP) heating systems. These new systems provide the tenants with affordable and easy to manage heating systems.

The project has successfully addressed fuel poverty with tenants telling us that they are now able to afford keep their homes warm.

Greener living

The ASHP heating systems were specified and designed in consultation with tenants to ensure that the new radiators could be located for effective heat output and to meet their preferences. The solar PV systems were installed to supplement ASHP running costs and other electrical usage.

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CBH continue to provide tenants with energy saving advice as well as information on operating their new heating systems and most effective use of the free electricity from the solar PV systems.

Tenant feedback:

It’s brilliant. Last year I was paying £25 a week and I wasn’t warm (I only heated the room I was in) now I am spending the same but my house is lovely and warm

 “So much better than storage heaters”

 “It is fantastic; I really like having my house warm”

This project is important to CBH as it enables us to consider what savings can be made and allow us to review our help for those in fuel poverty. The project has also been influential in allowing us to interact with our residents to ensure that we provide the best sustainable option for each individual tenant, based on their property and requirements.