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Promoting Health & Wellbeing Case Study


Through the introduction of our three hubs, we have been able to empower and engage with a range of ages and abilities; providing plenty of opportunities for independent living, friendships, greater wellbeing and self-development.


St Paul’s Hub

St Paul’s Hub was set up in 2013 to replace the old Community House, which was originally located on Folly Lane since 2004. It was created in conjunction with the completion of the St Paul’s Phase One regeneration project and is hugely beneficial in providing a focal point for the community and a point of communication with CBH. The hub provides local people with opportunities to meet, have fun, access advice and support services such as health, money and benefits including employment advice. Residents can also get fitter, take part in activities, events and even join clubs. The recent introduction of a Community Café has empowered local residents enabling them to develop friendships and take part in volunteering opportunities. St Paul’s Hub reminds people that their ideas are valued and acted on.

Resident feedback:

“The Hub is perfect as its on everyone’s front door step, it’s great to talk to CBH face to face and the drop in service really helps”

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Oasis Ability Hub

Since 2011, previous hub based activities were enjoyed by the Disabled Community Forum (DCF); this was followed by the launch of the Oasis Ability Hub and is designed to support and empower the disabled community. The Hub is developing a range of positive and influencial partnerships to offer a vast range of opportunities to the disabled community such as social and peer support, access to training, information about access to training courses, information about local groups and links to services that provide independent living such as mobility, community transport and home delivery. Guest speakers are also on hand to help improve knowledge and provide advice on improving well-being and confidence. The Oasis Ability Hub encourages diversity and battles against the daily prejudices and challenges that the disabled community face. It is all about sharing the ‘ability’ not the ‘dis-ability’ in people.

Resident feedback:

” Before getting involved with the DCF, I didn’t have a life I was very isolated and empty…. CBH has turned my life around. I have gained friends and knowledge and I have become so passionate about the DCF and Disability Hub. I’m amazed at the friendship and support given so freely and regularly by the other members…. I am very excited about the future and how I can help other people get involved and make their lives better.”

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Wallace House & Wellbeing Hub

Wallace House is an existing sheltered housing scheme located in the heart of the Hatherley community. It first opened its doors in 2013 and was initially a pilot project to test a new approach to community based service delivery for older people. It is now a successful and valuable resource hosting an ever-expanding range of services, public events and activities for older and disabled people. Wallace House provides an increased sense of emotional and mental wellbeing for our older residents as they are able to make new friends and take part in volunteering opportunities. Age need no longer be a factor as the hub ensures that everyone is able to live life to the full with great company.

Next of kin feedback:

“The activities that you provide whether it be day’s-out, lunch club and exercise classes gives dad the social interaction he needs and is great for lifting his mood.”

Resident feedback:

“I want to live to be 100” 

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