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Regenerating a ‘Better Neighbourhood’ Case Study

Historically Cheltenham’s St Paul’s estate was once one of the most deprived areas in the country and was surrounded by a high number of empty properties.

Our aim was to regenerate St Paul’s intro a thriving area and a ‘Better Neighbourhood’ which could create a sustainable community and meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents.

WorkExperience130 edit

We recognised the need to introduce a wider range of property sizes to meet the changing needs of the community.

The new homes were fitted with top eco features such as:

  • Solar panels;
  • High efficiency gas-combi boilers;
  • High levels of insulation in walls and loft space 
  • Premium quality double glazed windows 

better neighbourhoods

To ensure a seamless feel between both existing housing stock and the new builds, transformational improvements were carried out to 93 existing homes surrounding the St Paul’s area.

The works transformed properties into popular sustainable homes with the following improvements:

  • New doors and windows
  • Enhancement to front and gable elevations
  • New bin storage areas in front garden
  • Paving and planting to create a new front garden

WorkExperience135 edit To support the regeneration project, a variety of community activities such as an after-school club for children, coffee mornings for older people, Work Club, Paul’s Café and the award-winning Junior Wardens programme were launched to engage with the community.


These diverse activities continue to encourage residents to get involved and help shape the future of the area.

St Paul’s phase 1 & 2 were designed to raise the aspirations and boost the confidence of the residents, helping them to create a popular and sustainable community that both residents and future generations can enjoy.