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Contact your Housing Revenues officer

If you are a current tenant, living in:

Hesters Way West, Hesters Way South, Alstone, Rowanfield:
Contact Tracey Lowes, tel 01242 387657 or email

Arle, St Pauls, St Peters, Moors, Charlton Kings, Hatherley, Reddings and Warden Hill:
Contact Helen Bourne, tel 01242 387553 or email

St Marks, Whaddon, Lynworth, Priors, Prestbury and Town Centre:
Contact Mark Campbell, tel 01242 387548 or email

Hesters Way East:
Contact Talia Robinson, tel 01242 387547 or email

If you are a former tenant or wish to discuss a recharge contact:
Janine Conway, tel 01242 387544 or email

If you rent a garage:
Mark Campbell, tel 01242 387548 or email

Alternatively, please contact:
David Hall, Housing Services Manager, tel 01242 387554 or email