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Tenant Impact Days

people-2-420x275A knock on the door has been helping tenants get back on track with their finances after we re-launched our Impact Days.

On these special days our rent team pair up with a CBH benefits and money advisor and hit the streets to visit those tenants we know are struggling to pay their rent. 

The visits, held across the town, have proved to be very successful.

An example of how we have been able to assist include helping a tenant whose Employment Support Allowance and Housing Benefit had been suspended – we helped to resolve this swiftly and after seeking support from our benefit and money advice service this tenant has taken back control of her finances and has now started work.

We’re planning to get out and about over the next few months and hold more of these Impact Days.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent and would like help managing your money, contact our benefit and money advisors on 01242 775283/775193.