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Rechargeable Repairs

From this list it will be established which items you will be recharged for and an invoice will be sent to you telling you the cost and when and where to pay it.

What happens if I can’t afford to pay for the repair?
If having received an invoice for repair works you are unable to make full payment within the Council’s corporate payment terms of 14 days then you must immediately contact us. We are here to help and will make every effort to set up a repayment plan if necessary based on your individual circumstances. Non payment is treated very seriously and could result in a County Court Judgment (CCJ) being made against you and affect your credit rating. In addition you may be refused further repairs to your home.

What if it wasn’t my fault?
Should any visitor to your premises cause damage to any parts of your home, or communal areas if you live in a block of flats, then as the tenant you are still responsible for paying for repairs. You are responsible for the conduct of any other persons visiting or staying at your home. If you are aggrieved at having to pay for any deliberate damage caused by any other persons then you should report the matter to the Police.

For more information contact your Housing Revenues Officer, or see our Rechargeable Repairs Leaflet, available at our areas offices.