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Reporting a Repair

work_tools_repairs_710x300.jpgThere are many methods of communication available for you to report a repair. You can:

  • report a repair in person at your local housing office
  • in writing
  • via My CBH portal
  • by telephone, using our freephone number 0800 408 0000 or 0300 555 0121 if calling from a mobile
  • by emailing us via

If you live in a sheltered scheme you can also report a repair through your Housing Support Officer.

When you report a repair please tell us the following details:

  • as much information as possible about the repair
  • what has happened as a result of the problem
  • when we are able to visit you to complete the repair
  • your daytime phone number, if you have one

Once you have contacted us, we will prioritise your repair and you will be offered an appointment to suit you, either morning or afternoon.

Our repairs department carries out work in your home between Monday and Friday, 8am to 6pm. You can report a repair through our contact centre, which is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Out of hours repairs
If your repair is an emergency and you require assistance outside normal working hours as shown above please call: 0800 408 0000.

Please remember that you may be charged for the cost of the call out if you misuse this service.

Caller identity cards
All CBH staff carry identification so please ask to see it. If in any doubt at all please do not let them in, contact our repairs call centre on 0800 408 0000 or the police. Gas, electricity and water company representatives carry similar identification. They should also have an official form (or job sheet) with them. If in doubt, do not let them in.