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Safety in your Home

We all like to think we are safe in our homes, but as many people are killed in the home as on the roads. Please read the following guidelines carefully and make your home a safer place. Remember – accidents do not just happen, they are caused by people.

Avoiding Fire: Your home should have a smoke alarm fitted. If it hasn’t, tell us straight away and we will fit one for you. Never paint over or remove an alarm. Never remove a working battery from a smoke alarm. Make sure that the alarm is dusted regularly.


  • leave a chip pan on the cooker
  • smoke in bed
  • cover storage, convector or fan heaters
  • leave clothes to dry in front of a radiant heater


  • keep doors closed at night
  • unplug all electrical equipment when you are not using it and at night
  • get rid of matches and cigarettes carefully
  • use a fireguard with coal, electric and gas fires
  • test your smoke alarm once a month, also brush or vacuum the alarm to keep dust out of the mechanism

TOP TIP – plan an escape route

If fire breaks out, leave the building as quickly as possible, close all doors as you go and phone 999 for the fire brigade.

If you live in sheltered accommodation you are encouraged to stay in your flat until the fire brigade arrive. Please familiarise yourself with the fire notice in your particular scheme.

See the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service safety advice web page for more information.