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How CBH deals with ASB

We cannot begin to solve a problem until we know about it, so please tell us if your are experiencing difficulties.

Information can be given in confidence.

Often all that is required to solve a problem is for the person causing it to be contacted and spoken to. However, sometimes court action is required that can result in people being ordered to behave or even being ordered to leave their home. In cases that involve threats or use of violence, people can be excluded from an area.

Examples of the types of action that we can take are listed below:

  • Warning Letters regarding breaches of tenancy and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Home Visits to re-enforce warnings.
  • Restorative solutions offered to two parties to resolve a dispute.
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) signed voluntarily between a young person and other agencies to agree not to behave in a certain way.
  • Possession Proceedings can be applied for when there are serious breaches of tenancy.
  • Injunctions can be applied for to either compel a person to do something or forbids them from doing something.
  • Tenancy Demotions can be applied for to remove some of the rights that secure tenants hold if there are breaches of tenancy due to ASB.
  • Introductory tenancies can now be extended by 6 months if CBH considers that the conditions of the tenancy are not being met. The tenancy will be extended by virtue of a notice.
  • Providing support for perpetrators of ASB by working with other agencies to help change the way

For more information download our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy