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Harassment is unwanted conduct that violates another person’s dignity. 

This includes behaviour that is verbally or physically intimidating, threatening, or that degrades, humiliates or offends people. It can include damage to property, graffiti, threats of physical attack: it can be persistent or a single act. 

We aim to eliminate unlawful discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial and social groups.

We take harassment very seriously. We will not tolerate it on our estates or in our neighbourhoods.

Anyone found responsible for harassment is in breach of their tenancy conditions.  If you or any member of your family are harassed we will investigate it thoroughly and do everything possible to stop it.

Practical help

  • We can take action against anyone causing harassment.
  • We will remove graffiti and repair any damage to property as a priority.
  • We will provide advice on additional security to your home where there is a risk of further harassment.
  • We can liaise with the police to provide panic alarms.