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Tenant Scrutiny Improvement Panel (TSIP)

A tenant scrutiny panel was formed in 2010 to enable tenants to scrutinise and improve the way their housing service is run.

The aim of  TSIP is to ensure that tenants are at the heart of CBH through the scrutiny of services. The panel continue to be influential in making changes and improvements to the business by working closely CBH staff, the CBH Board and tenants whilst being accountable to all residents and leaseholders.

What have TSIP achieved?

TSIP have carried out scrutiny and improvement activities in a variety of service areas including:

  • Communications
    Ensuring that CBH information leaflets, local offers, annual report, website and other literature are reader friendly
  • Grounds Maintenance service
    The grounds maintenance scrutiny led to a full service review
  • Repairs
    Changes were made to the repairs service as a result of our scrutiny
  • Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
    Valuable changes were made to the ASB service as a result of our scrutiny
  • The Housing Applicant’s Journey
    Review on the process from registration to tenancy
  • Contractor Communications with Customers
    Looking at the communication between Liberty Gas and our customers

Upcoming areas for review by TSIP:

The panel continue to have on-going projects for scrutiny. The latest areas that TSIP are keen to look into are Community Hubs and the Replacement Windows & Doors Programme. If you would like to find out more about any of the services up for scrutiny please contact us (see contact details below).

Mystery shoppers:

TSIP commission mystery shoppers to help with our scrutiny. Mystery shopping enables our Tenants to act as a secret customer and undertake a series of agreed tasks to monitor our services.

Sound appealing? To find out more about mystery shopping please get in touch with our Community Involvement Team (contact details below).


Could you be our next TSIP member?

By becoming a member of this influential panel you can make a difference to your community by helping us to test, develop and shape our services.

Want to find out more? Find out how joining TSIP has helped increase Jenni’s confidence and skills by reading her story below:

To get involved or to find out more about the group please contact us (details below).


If you have any new ideas or feel that there are areas of your housing service that you feel we should be looking at, TSIP would like to hear from you (contact details below)!

Contact us:

You can contact us through the Community Involvement Team on 0800 408 0000 or email:

For more information download the TSIP leaflet Read the latest TSIP Annual Review