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Windows and doors replacement programme


Back in April 2016 we started a 6 year programme to replace the windows and entrance doors on over 5,000 homes across Cheltenham.

We are carrying out this programme as a high proportion of windows and doors are getting old and in need of replacement, and also some flat entrance doors need to be upgraded to meet current fire standards.

The following contractors have been chosen by a project working  group made up of CBH staff and residents:

  • Nationwide Windows the UK’s leading window and door manufacturers are replacing the PVC-U windows and fitting the fire doors
  • Masterdor the UK’s largest manufacturer’s of bespoke timber-bladed external door-sets are installing the new entrance doors

The new windows and doors that have so far been installed are already providing the best safety, security and energy efficiency for residents. To date feedback from tenants have been really positive please see the comments below:

New entrance door comments:fire-door

 “They rang to say they would be coming to fit the door on 20th April…. The lads arrived at 8am sharp (in fact they were outside putting the doors together before 8am) and have done a great job…. In fact I would go as far to say they were excellent!!”

 “They are doing a great job, all clean and tidy…. They let me know when and what time they were coming and sure enough they were here when they said they would be.”

New windows and fire door comments:

“I couldn’t fault the service… the new windows are lovely. I am very satisfied with the service provided by CBH and nationwide and would go as far as to say it was fantastic”

“The house is so much lighter and warmer now we have had the new windows fitted”

“The house looks much more modern now we have new windows and it’s so much quieter!”

By clicking on the buttons below you can find out more about the replacement criteria, choose your door style and colour and keep up to date with the latest delivery programme:

Windows replacement criteria

Doors replacement criteria

Delivery programme for windows and doors

What happens next?
Our Resident Liaison Officer, Michelle Barnett will be in contact to advise you what will happen and when. If you would like more information about this please call 0800 408 0000 or email

Worried about condensation?
Don’t be alarmed if condensation is discovered on the outside of your windows as our new windows are so good at keeping in the heat that the glass on the outside doesn’t warm up like your old windows. This condensation will evaporate once the glass is heated by wind, sunlight or by the transfer of heat from inside your house.  

Find out more about condensation, including top tips on how to avoid damp and mould in the home here.