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Check out our latest copy of the CBHnews – This edition features 20 pages packed with information and good news stories including; the winners of the 10th Anniversary of the CBH Tenant & Leaseholder Awards, an introduction to our exciting new look neighbourhood team plus find out how we’re providing Great Homes and Stronger Communities with Inspired People by checking out our snazzy new Annual Report 2017/18….


The Spring 2018 features the 2000th home to receive their brand new windows, a special campaign run by our Benefit & Money Advice Team to bite back against the loan sharks, plus the chance for residents to win up to £100 by entering the annual Cheltenham Tenant and Leaseholder Garden Competition….











The Winter 2017/18 features our STAR survey results, the diggers are getting ready for MORE new fantastic homes and we took to the sleigh to deliver our biggest EVER Hamper Scamper appeal!










The Autumn 2017  features the launch of an exciting new Cheltenham West Vision project, the blooming marvellous winners of this year’s garden competition… and exciting times ahead… we’re on the lookout for Cheltenham’s unsung heroes, as we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary of the CBH Tenant & Leaseholder Awards…










This Summer 2017 edition just got bigger and better! There are 16 pages full of  the latest good news stories alongside your brand new Annual Report 2016/17 special which has been spread over an additional 6 pages. 

This edition features the winners of the CBH Tenant & Leaseholder Awards, the arrival of your new annual report,  plus an opportunity to be a STAR in our quick survey…











This Spring 2017 edition features the grand opening of the stylish new homes we’ve built for veterans at Swindon Road, plus the chance to win up to £100 by entering the annual Cheltenham Tenant and Leaseholder Garden Competition….










This Winter 2016 edition features an update on our brand new Board, the latest on the stylish new homes being built for veterans at Swindon Road plus opportunities to crown your community hero as the nominations for our Tenant & Leaseholder Awards 2016 are now open….











The Autumn 2016  features a snapshot of this year’s Tenant Annual Report, our newest CBH Board members, windows replacement timetable and we reveal the winners of the 2016 garden competition…











The Summer 2016 features 16 pages packed with information and good news stories including; a stunning portrait of the Queen, a quick 60 second interview with our Customer Services team , and finally our top tips for having fun in the sun for free this summer!

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The Spring 2016 edition features the snazzy new look at Lynworth Court’s communal lounge and the inspiring stories of our community heroes crowned at this year’s Tenant & Leaseholder Awards……











The Winter 2015 edition features which features benefit and money advice success stories, an ASB update and top tips for going green….

CBHnews front cover 2015-16










This Spring 2015 edition features the winners of the CBH Stars in Lives Awards, information about the housing banding system, ASB surgeries we have been trialling, our new after school club and much more……

In the Winter 2014/15 copy of our tenant newsletter meet our new safer estates team, read the big interview with our apprentices and find out how you can join our new FREE IT courses…..


In this Autumn 2014 edition get top energy saving tips and find out why our housing options team are record breakers…

This summer 2014 edition features the latest news from CBH, a special feature about the many ways you can get involved, plans for our next phase of the St Paul’s regeneration and the free training courses we are now offering….

Find out about the extra services we are planning for older people and hear who was crowned your community heroes at this year’s CBH Stars in Lives Awards 2014:

This winter edition features the latest news from CBH, a special article about our new housing advice team and top budgeting tips…

Our Autumn edition features a round-up of our summer events, an article on tenancy fraud and the Tenant and Leaseholder Garden Competition winners 2013:

This Summer edition features the latest news from CBH and includes a special article about Universal Credit…

This special Spring edition celebrates our 10th Birthday!

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