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CBH Board

We have a strong and effective Board which was recognised and commended by the Audit Commission during our last inspection; the inspection report said:

“Leadership from both the Board and the Executive Management Team is strong and there are effective working relationships throughout the organisation”Audit Commission report, 2007

Our Board of 10 members made up of tenant representatives, independent members and council appointed members are a strategic and scrutiny body.

A robust induction and tailored training programme ensures each member can acquire or reinforce the skills needed to make strategic decisions on behalf of CBH. Our succession and renewal strategy ensures that we provide stability for the Board.

Governance and the continuous improvement of our Board is a key part of the long term success of CBH. Each Board member has an annual development review which informs their personal development plan. Performance of the Board as a collective is subject to regular monitoring and review by internal and external methods and we carry out benchmarking with similar organisations so that we can be sure our Board continues to improve and develop.